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Increase Pop up Image size In Mosaic Dynamic View

When you use mosaic template in blogger and when we move our mouse curse the the image pop outward and we can see image and post title easily in dynamic view.some viewer have problem in dynamic view template of blogger.Now i am taking about mosaic so the popup image is not clear so we will see how to increase image popup size in dynamic view.

How to pop up image large in mosaic view

1 login to blogger account and go to template

2 Go to customize and click advanced

3 Now go to add css and paste below code there

increase image size in mosaic

.mosaic.notouch:not(.animating) .item:hover:not(.open), .ss{-moz-transform: scale(1.5) !important;-webkit-transform: scale(1.5) !important;-ms-transform: scale(1.5) !important;-o-transform: scale(1.5) !important;}

Click apply to blog and you work has been complete.visit your blog to confirm you post image size increase.

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