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Remove Blogger Sidebar To Make Full Width Page

Today tutorial is about how to remove sidebar from your blog.Every blog has different width of page according to selected template because when you make new blog, blogger ask you to select template.There are many template.some are simple, awesome, any many other.while you can upload third party template.Every template has different setting.some have two sidebar columns some have one.where you can add gadgets on sidebar.

create full width page

How to remove/hide sidebar in blogger

You can add or remove gadgets easily.but removing sidebar is little bit hard with one click but not much difficult we just few simple steps to do.we can remove that it on home page or any specific page.

login to blogger and go to template and edit HTML

click inside and press ctrl+f the a search box appear at the top right.

Search for this piece of code.

To remove on all pages paste the given below code before
</b:skin> and save the template

To remove from specific page  paste the given below code before

Note:To remove sidebar  form specific page you have to replace specific page url as you can see in above code in the first line with your blog page url where you want to hide sidebar.

If you face any problem in fixing it just comment me.i like to hear your voice and try to fix your error.

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