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Change Post A Comment Text In Blogger

Today we will learn how to replace comment message by editing template.Mostly the text is post a comment but we can easily change it by customizing template.It is very necessary thing in blogger because you can communicate with your visitor and people can share their thought and idea.
text to leave comment

In this tutorial we are replacing that message.we add stylish colorful and text above comment box.

Style 1
This style is very cool and get attraction of visitor. 

Style 2
This style is simple with blue color text

This is cool bubble comment message
style 3

Style 4
cool style with black color message

style 4

How to change/replace post a comment message

First login to blogger account and then go to template

Edit ctrl+f and search for this piece of code

choose any style from above and copy the code below that style.

Now replace <data:postCommentMsg/> with the code of style.

Save the template and visit your blog you can see you comment message is change.

If you face any problem in changing it . Ask me i try to fix your problem.Also share your thought and ideas.

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