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How to Hide Post From Home Page in Blogger

Remove post from home page

Ever post made in blogger go to home page . so if you had made
a post and you want that this post will not show on home page.
first make sure you have more than seven post in your blog so we hide any of them from home page.

Actually we will schedule the post to older year so that it will move to back pages and automatically hide from home page.When we make new post.Blogger show most recently new one if we have not schedule them.

hide post from home page in blogger

For some reason some bloggers want to send new published post to back page.we can limit the post to show on home page.when we go to layout and edit blog  gadget we have option to limit the number of post to show on home.

In then next  tutorial we will learn few more interesting thing.Also i have plan to share tutorial on blog designing and how to make blog stylish.we have many widget for the stylizing.Perfect design is very important thing, it attract your viewers.I think it is important think what you want to show or hide to your visitor.I do not recommend to hide instead show them it help to increase you visits on your blog but i can only give suggestion and i also try to give good one but so it is your choice.

Move your post from main page

step1: login to your blog and edit  your
post you want to hide.

schedule post

step2: there you will see schedule option

set it to older year than present year.

now visit your blog home home page you had hide post from home page, you can hide more than one.If you found this post helpful then hit like button.Enjoy....!

In navigation some blogger enable homepage link while others prefer to hide it but when any visitor come to their blog with homepage url then of course your blog show most recently publish article.They want to show specific post on back page, may be second page or third.If you want to put it to second page the you have to schedule your post to date of post of second page.I think it is not the main preference mostly want to put the a article go back enough so that viewer not view post in first few pages.That is why i give best and easy solution to move your post from home page to back pages. 

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