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How to add blogger sitemap 2 steps

sitemap tells google and other search engine 
about  content in you blog so that google bot
easily get your site in search engine.In this
 topic we learn how to add submit blogger
sitemap in google webmaster tools .adding
blogger site map is very significant part
in blogging to get visitor from google and
other search engine.there are many online
site which provide you service of making
sitemap but that sitemap is not valid for
blogger .that sitemap is used for site which 
is hosted on paid server .blogger is a free 
and you pay nothing. 

how to add sitemap of blogger in webmaster

 submit sitemap of blogger in google webmaster

step1: first you have enough content .at least 
some post may be 2 or 3 so that google will
add them in search engine.

step2:after that go to link below and login

gmail .before that you must add your site
in google index

step3: now login and  select your blog .at 
the right had you see an option crawl with arrow
press arrow and down there you see sitemap 
go to sitemap

step4: press add sitemap and you add 

as you can see in image above

submit sitemap in webmaster tools and you 
blog is get index after 2 or 3 days so waits
for it to check .

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