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Another blog or Google Site is already using this address Fix

blog error

Blogger blog show error while adding
a custom domain on blog .., it show that
while saving "another blog or google
site is already using this address"

another google site is using this address

Why it happens

 Many Reason of this error shown
1:may be you was using this domain 
on other blog and and want to use
on other blog instead first one, and 
you had not remove setting of dsn 
which you had did for first blog.
 so to your domain manager and 
delete you old dns server seting
and redirect setting from your old 
blog that you was using.
then it will be not available for your old
blog.after that try to add on your
new blog.
 2: may be you had delete you old
blog without removing redirect
setting ., In this case restore your blog 
and try to add your domain on
new blog..

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