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3 ways to make money online fast

Making money online is pretty easy , you make money online just
spend 10 minutes  daily and you can earn money even if you have no
skills , but if you have any skill , do not waste and let that skill in use
and make money , people spend time watching movies and playing
games online , why not use internet to increase some pocket money

Make Money online by url shortening

url shortening is a method by which long url shorten , you can shorten any url like facebook or google or link of any image or any link online . to shorten link go to 

First signup and after that you you just paste the link you want to shorten and click on shrink, there you will be provided a short link , some time when you download some thing there you have to click skip ad .you can share that link to your friends on facebook and when some one click on that link and skip ad , you will get some money , to check you made , go to 

 Make money online by surveys

second method is survey , so making money by survey needs no skill
what you have to do is just answers some question of survey .
survey question are very simple and general and have options
you just have you select any option , some survey are small and
some survey are large and so every survey you take and complete
you will be give some money. 

give to chance tomake money online by survey , ipoll give to 5 dollar for signup
for free

Make money with skill 

if you have any skill , like if you can translate any language to english,then you can make money , make money with any skill, like with your music . you can sell your music. 

give toopportunity to make money online 

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