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Solved General knowledge MCQ For NTS CSS PPSC

solved mcq

general knowledge is very increase your knowledge and it may be beneficial in daily life  there many entry test in which the general knowledge questions asked also it can ask in interview. gaining general questions are of great importance .in written test there are option available in test paper so that you can guess if you not know the true answer.but in certain organization it is notice they do negative marking so it is advice that is do not guess and leave the question if you not know the exact answer to avoid the negative marks in general knowledge examiner can ask what ever he wants so be your self prepare that.most these these of questions are asked in jobs test.there are also some of the past paper questions added there.first you should know about your country means the general knowledge of your country and about famous event and people of country.

Everyday science 

General everyday questions

Daily science

Famous Airports in world

all papers are solved. these are only basic and important mcq  added there.they describe the past personalities who had effort for pakistan and their role the daily general mcq the history and some of the important mcq about computer.

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