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How To Change Specific Link Color in Blogger

Color scheme of template play important role in the designing of blog template. the color of link ., like in the archive, the color of older post and newer default blogger template has set link color of their own choice but they allow you to customize it and you can change it very easily.

adding specific color in blogger

How to change color of links in blog template

Step1: login to blogger account and go to your blog.

Step2: Now go to template you can see at the bottom of left hand.

Step3:click customize. and go to advance and add css

Step4: paste the code according to your requirement as i given below some of then.After pasting click apply to blog and you have done.

For links in archive

For home page that you can see between newest and older post

For newest post

For older post

if you want to add more than one css code. just paste after first code after first code you had paste.

Note: The css code has set to change the color to can see it in second line that is color: red !important; but if you want to change it to green, orange, blue, pink

replace the red with  code given above .

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